And the Whole World is Watching

As a country gal, I really don’t like technology and electronic gadgets. Nowadays, surveillance cameras record our every move. No matter where we are in public, we’re on camera somewhere!

Dreadful stuff. Technology! Can’t live with it—but can’t live without it.

At times, I even hate my laptop, especially when it goes on the blink. Right now, I’m typing madly, not knowing when my laptop will shut down without a moment’s notice. It does that sometimes for no apparent reason.

Laptops are bad news, folks, but cellphones can be even worse! They get you into serious trouble.

Have you ever been accidentally “pocket-dialed” by someone’s cellphone and you heard the sordid details of their miserable life, unbeknownst to them? People screaming in the background. Fussing and squabbling…

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Heaven-sent Angels

I was still catching Zzzzzz’s at 6 a.m. when the phone call came from my dear old ‘Miss Priss.’

“Can you take me to the hospital?” Priscilla’s voice sounded muffled. “I’m dizzy, and my left side is going numb.”

“Give me a minute,” I said. “I’ll be right there!” I breathed a prayer for Miss Priss, as I shimmied into my clothes. Then I ran out the door.

These stroke-like symptoms were nothing to sneeze at! I was scared for Priscilla. She was a brand new client, but from the moment I laid eyes on her, I’d loved Miss Priss…a blue-eyed Angel with a halo of white curls.

When I first saw her, she was standing in the doorway with her little whippet dog peering between her legs. “Oh…” I gasped. “You look like an Angel…an absolute Angel!” Then I’d ducked my head, embarrassed at myself.

Miss Priss didn’t mind my strange interjections. We were soon great friends—but her whippet-dog, Carmella, wasn’t so sure of me! Carmey had issues. She’d been rescued from an abusive home, and she now owned Miss Priss without question—and was very protective of her!

But then came the emergency call at 6 am. I had to get Miss Priss to the hospital post-haste! The whippet-dog, Carmella, was distraught when I arrived at Priscilla’s door.

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Make 2018 What You Want it to Be…!

2017 was quite a year!… And I’m sure 2018 will be even crazier.  But no worries!  We can make the new year into anything we want it to be!  All it needs is a little tweeking.  A bit of elbow grease.  And a whole lot of Adventure!

I don’t know about you, folks—but last year, I did things I’ve never done before in my Life!

I went through a time that I call my “Wilderness Sojourn.” I quit my job and went camping in the High Desert.  I slept in a tent under the stars all alone—far from towns and civilization.  All around me was thick darkness with all its strange noises!  I had no protection but the Good Lord and a can of bear-spray!

I had no cellphone.  No Wifi… No electricity or running water.  Just a tent and a hammock… And not much else.

My friends and family all despaired and wrote me off as a Goner.

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Strangest Thanksgiving Story Ever…!

Everybody likes “Miracle Stories” around Thanksgiving and the Holidays….And today I have a good one for you! It’s a Miracle Story that I recently ‘participated’ in—so it’s one of my favorites!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I disappeared for the last few months and it was for a very good reason! I took off work and went on a long Sojourn to the countryside. After several weeks of solitude, I felt inexplicably drawn to “Yreka”, an old town that I’d lived near several years ago.

There, I ran into a rather interesting biker-gal, Joanne, who happens to be the Ex-wife of my Ex-husband! She wasn’t too pleased to see me in town—but I refused to be intimidated and soon I became her friend.

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Of Monstrous Mistakes and Frightful Fridays

Three days before my 56th Birthday, I made the dumbest mistake. It almost cost my life. My Birthday celebration could’ve just as easily become my Funeral.

It happened Friday evening near sunset. I was sitting on the cliff near Camel Rock, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, while waiting for my friend Charlene to show up. But for some reason, Charlene never arrived and I got bored.

I peered over the precipice. I’d heard that a car had recently been shoved off the cliff and I was curious to see it. Soon I found myself wandering down the path leading to the bottom of the cliff.

It must have been my preoccupation with finding the smashed car that made me careless. Either that, or I was drunk on the Elixir of Life…the gorgeous day. The tantalizing spray of surf. The rays of the setting sun. It was intoxicating, and I soon found myself laughing as I ran along the bottom of the cliff…Laughing at the surging waves.

“You can’t catch me!” I shouted. “I’m not afraid of you!” Those were the last words I remember saying.

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