Of Dreams, Drama, and Dachshunds!

My peers and siblings have lots of grandbabies!  But I have none.  Nada.  Zilch!  I’m bereft of the joys that others take for granted.  I’ve despaired of ever becoming a grandmother!

My daughters are “career women” who have little time for producing babies.  But then, last month, my two daughters decided to surprise me with a Consolation Gift.

They plotted and planned for weeks… and finally the Big Day came.  My daughters went all-out!  They took me to Red Lobster and we had All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp!  They took me shopping, and I got a half-dozen outfits.

Then, they took me on an elaborate “Treasure Hunt” which touched my heart the most!  They said it was to thank me for the dozens of Treasure Hunts I’d given them over the years.  They took me to my eldest daughter’s house.  Inside, I found lots of “clues”—elaborate riddles printed on fancy paper which led me from place to place… Underneath furniture.  Behind doors and mirrors.  I was mystified.

The clues finally led me outside, and I arrived at my youngest daughter’s car.

There on the front seat was my hidden “Treasure”… a covered box that quivered and shook.  In a moment, a little face appeared and looked at me with big chocolate eyes that melted my heart.  It was a darling long-haired dachshund!  A miniature, pedigreed pup with long ‘curly’ ears—the cutest I’d ever seen!

Instantly, I fell in love.  I cuddled my fur-baby close to my heart and named him Barnaby—which means “Son-of-my-Consolation.”  I also gave him a sir-name that was befitting the little hot dog.  I christened him: “Sir Barnaby Wienerschnitzel”.

He’s a most wondrous addition to our family.

We decided to go straight to the store and buy some toys and “baby supplies”.  It would be the perfect ending to a glorious day!  My daughter drove us to the store in her fancy car, and we left Sir Barnaby in the backseat, sitting in his little cage.

We had quite a time inside the store!  Laughing and chatting, we shopped ’til we dropped.  We bought dog-shampoos, treats and toys, a collar and leash, and even a warm doggy sweater.

As a final purchase, my daughters picked out a cloth bag that said: “Make Your Dreams Happen!” With a flourish, they loaded all the puppy merchandise into the bag, and we walked outside—flush with triumph and motherly joy!

Our joy lasted about three seconds.  The moment we opened the car door, my daughters began to wail.

“Oh NO!”  My eldest was beside herself.  “My beautiful car is ruined!  I’ll never get that stench out of here!”

Although his smell was very evident, Sir Barnaby Wienerschnitzel was nowhere to be seen.  His cage door was wide open.  I soon found my Son-of-Consolation shivering on the floorboard.  Tiny and forlorn, he was sitting in a pile of poop which he had tracked throughout the car.

My daughters nearly melted down.  “Mom, why didn’t you lock the door on his cage?”  They both begin to holler and toss things about.  I’ve never seen such a hullaballoo.  People in the parking lot stared at us in consternation.

At that moment, I was thankful that my daughters had never borne me any grandbabies. Lord have mercy! Such a ruckus over a little poop.

“Now, you’ve stepped in it, Mom!”  my daughter yelled.  “You sat in it too!  There’s poop everywhere!”

It was a grim scene.  And I’m not exaggerating, folks!  Our fantastic day was rapidly disintegrating into chaos and it was all my fault.  I hadn’t locked Sir Barnaby’s cage door….

Something had to be done—and done quickly!

I thought fast and came up with a plan born of desperation.  “Come now, girls!” I said.  “All this fuss will make a marvelous Story for the Newspaper!  Maybe we can put it on Facebook, too!”  Then, I whipped out my smartphone and began videoing the chaos.

The effect was magical….


Abruptly, my daughters pulled themselves together, becoming quite business-like.  In mere moments, they became mature “career women” once more.  It was a startling transformation.  Calmly, they got out the disinfectant spray and paper-towels which my daughter keeps in her car trunk.  Calmly, they took care of business.

Soon, the gawkers and onlookers lost interest and wandered off.  Sir Barnaby Wienerschnitzel stopped shivering and shaking.  The Son-of-My-Consolation licked my hand with gratitude.  It was great.

Best of all… I now console myself with an obvious truth.  It isn’t always a tragedy when your “career-minded” daughters don’t produce grandchildren.  In fact—it might be a blessing in disguise!

Never doubt it, my dear Country Neighbor… The Good Lord knows what He’s doing!  Yes-sir!  He knows what He’s doing!

As you go forth to conquer the New Year, folks—remember this…You might run into a lot of doo-doo in the year ahead…There might be some stench, and  fuss, and messes to deal with!  Don’t let it overwhelm you.  Be wise and keep a cool head!

Turn your troubles into Triumphs… Your blunders into Blessings!   And you’ll never go wrong.

Now—go make your dreams happen, folks!  And have a fantastic New Year!


One thought on “Of Dreams, Drama, and Dachshunds!

  1. Sounds like quite the day! But as the passage goes..This too shall pass! Now you can sit back and laugh hysterically about it. Mother and daughter time, priceless!!!


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