And the Whole World is Watching

As a country gal, I really don’t like technology and electronic gadgets. Nowadays, surveillance cameras record our every move. No matter where we are in public, we’re on camera somewhere!

Dreadful stuff. Technology! Can’t live with it—but can’t live without it.

At times, I even hate my laptop, especially when it goes on the blink. Right now, I’m typing madly, not knowing when my laptop will shut down without a moment’s notice. It does that sometimes for no apparent reason.

Laptops are bad news, folks, but cellphones can be even worse! They get you into serious trouble.

Have you ever been accidentally “pocket-dialed” by someone’s cellphone and you heard the sordid details of their miserable life, unbeknownst to them? People screaming in the background. Fussing and squabbling…

Well—something even worse than that happened to me recently!

I was minding my own business, carrying my cellphone as usual while going through life in my mish-mashy way. I didn’t know that I’d accidentally clicked on the “Live” camera which was connected to my Facebook page.

I carried my cellphone all around the house—while my little celly recorded every word and aired it to the world at large. The “Live” recording went on and on for almost a half hour.

Now, that might not be a big deal to those who only have a few friends on Facebook. But when you have 3200 friends, and about 500 followers—plus 12,000 post-reviews on 3 separate Facebook pages….

It can be rather humiliating, folks—let me tell you!

I panicked when I realized what I’d done. I tried to delete the “Live” video immediately, but Facebook refused to cooperate. I couldn’t believe it.

What had I been doing for the last half hour while being videoed? Did I carry my cellphone into the bathroom with me? No. I don’t think so. But what had I been doing and saying? Something really dumb, I’m sure!

Yes. Matter of fact, I remember now. I’d been grumbling about something. And the whole world had heard me.

It was horrendous. This had to be the worst public humiliation I’d ever endured. I had to obliterate that video!

Eventually, I managed to get Facebook to cooperate and I deleted the video as quickly as possible. But then I wished I hadn’t. I wished I’d reviewed the thing first to see what others had been viewing. Surely, the whole world was laughing at me.

It was surreal. I wondered if this had ever happened to anyone else before on Facebook.

I Googled the subject and was comforted to know that many people have done the same thing. I even found a news story about a man who inadvertently filmed his own murder “Live” on Facebook.

“Live” Murder on Facebook? That was definitely worse than anything I’d been through, today! I didn’t feel quite so badly, now. I might be humiliated, but at least I hadn’t been murdered on camera while everyone watched.

That poor man! Millions had seen his death—watching his demise over and over and over. Just horrible! Imagine how his family felt! Oh, the folly of electronics and modern “conveniences!”

Ah well. I’m mollified to know that I’m still alive, unlike that murdered man. Still alive to continue making dumb mistakes in public, as is my custom….
Life can be so unfair….Especially when you have a penchant of telling the whole world of your dumbest mistakes, like I do!

Folks—it’s bad enough to make humiliating mistakes…but then to tell the whole world about it! It’s worse than ridiculous! What’s wrong with me?

Speaking of ‘ridiculous’…That reminds me of really stupid mistake the other day. I was——

Well, never mind. I’m going to keep THAT one to myself!

Folks…Can you do me a really big favor? Just forget everything I’ve told you, today!

I’ll be much obliged.


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