Make 2018 What You Want it to Be…!

2017 was quite a year!… And I’m sure 2018 will be even crazier.  But no worries!  We can make the new year into anything we want it to be!  All it needs is a little tweeking.  A bit of elbow grease.  And a whole lot of Adventure!

I don’t know about you, folks—but last year, I did things I’ve never done before in my Life!

I went through a time that I call my “Wilderness Sojourn.” I quit my job and went camping in the High Desert.  I slept in a tent under the stars all alone—far from towns and civilization.  All around me was thick darkness with all its strange noises!  I had no protection but the Good Lord and a can of bear-spray!

I had no cellphone.  No Wifi… No electricity or running water.  Just a tent and a hammock… And not much else.

My friends and family all despaired and wrote me off as a Goner.

I camped beside the lake for weeks, only going into town occasionally for supplies.  It was craziness, but it made me stronger in every way.  More resilient and full of Faith.

I realized that when “Civilization” eventually collapses upon itself, I could survive—instead of despair.

But folks…. I haven’t told you the worst part of my “Wilderness Sojourn”.  It happened just 3 days before my birthday.  I made a mistake so monstrous, it nearly cost my life.  My birthday celebration could’ve just as easily been my Funeral!

After leaving the wilderness lake, I went to the Pacific Ocean.  I was careless that day—terribly careless of the 8 foot waves!

I wandered onto the beach and forgot the most basic survival skill known to beachcombers.  “Never turn your back on the Sea!”  Well, folks… I did, and it was nearly the last thing I ever did!

An eight-footer sneaked up and snatched me like a rag-doll.  The wave banged me against the boulders on the shore… slamming my arm, then my leg.  I hit so hard, I was sure my limbs were broken—but my head never touched the rocks.   I would’ve been dead, otherwise.  Drowned.  Cast out to sea!

The Good Lord was merciful.  My head never went beneath the waves.  When I cried out for help, I was carried to shore and deposited on the sand by angels.  Surely it was the Angels!

Unfortunately, they’d picked a bad spot to strand me!  I’d landed in a little “box canyon” and there I was trapped by the raging surf.  The walls of the canyon were steep, and I couldn’t climb out.  The sun was setting… it was starting to cool off.  And I was soaking wet!

I knew I had to get out of there as soon as possible.  I watched the surf carefully, and when it finally began to retreat, I made a run for it.  Well… Not a ‘run’!  I hobbled out of there as fast as I could on my injured leg!

I made it out alive, and I’m here to tell of it today.

Folks—I told you all that to say this….We’ve all gone through rough times this past year, but we made it!  And in 2018, we can do whatever we’ve got to do to survive.

Times might be tough, but we are tougher!  Weird things are afoot in this world.  Unprecedented events are underway.  But we needn’t fear!  We’ve got more resiliency than we realize.  Whatever the situation, we can conquer it with the Good Lord’s help!

The New Year stretches before us with its uncharted territory.  A winding path… a brand new season—fresh and bright as the new fallen snow….

2018 with all its mystery and uncertainty!  All it needs is a little tweeking.  A bit of elbow grease.  And a lot of Adventure!

Launch forth into the Unknown, my friends!  Go and do what you’ve never done.  Find your Wilderness and conquer it!

It’s all yours, folks….

The New Year awaits you!


One thought on “Make 2018 What You Want it to Be…!

  1. Our Very Dear Sis Lil Bic, Sometime you have me holding my breath, & sometime saying “Lord Jesus HELP”, & sometime just gasping! Jesus always comes to your rescue, though.
    I’m glad to get the post that I got today. I need to stay in touch more. Maybe I’ll get caught up on the ones I have missed. I hope you are walking without pain now.
    We would like for you to pray for us OLD folks. We need the wisdom & help of Jesus. May Jesus continue to Bless You. Ruby & Egon


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