Bird Rescue – The Loon and the Lunatic


Through this unfortunate bird, God taught me a BIG lesson at the beach yesterday… and I shall never forget! The Lord always gives me “object lessons”—and this had to be one of the best! I share it with you now.

>>> Yesterday, I was not very happy with God. As usual, I went to the beach to hash things out with Him. As I walked along the shore, I told Him how dreadful things were going down here on the planet.

“The world is deranged and getting worse by the day! And you aren’t doing much to help us! You are so Big and Powerful—but you let us struggle so horribly! When will you DO something, Lord? So many people are struggling and hurting and in such terrible trials! Why don’t you intervene, God?”

Now normally–the Lord is pretty tolerant of me….but yesterday I could sense His displeasure. I was just too upset to care!

You see—right now the Lord has me “trapped” He has told me that I must leave the City of Eureka, CA—and I have been preparing to do just that!….but now He won’t give me final permission to leave! He is testing my faith to the MAX. I have been “dangling” for weeks now, and I’m not happy about it. I feel foolish. Humiliated. And very frustrated.

So here I was walking along, hashing it out with God… And suddenly, I came upon this unfortunate bird. He was flopping on the beach with fishing line wrapped around his beak and his feet—and worse yet, he had a huge fish hook buried in his chest. He was pitiful and quite helpless.

My heart broke for the little feller, and I immediately went into action. For some crazy reason, I put my cellphone nearby and turned on the video camera—thinking it would only take a minute or two to loose him.

Well. I struggled for almost 10 minutes, and the results were horrendous. I got got sand in my eyes…and I was bitten and mistreated horribly for my efforts. I was this bird’s “Saviour”, but he didn’t appreciate me at all!

Yes—I was “big and all-powerful”….but all my efforts seemed in vain, because he couldn’t comprehend what I was doing for him…and he refused to cooperate in any way!

In the midst of the chaos, I learned a huge lesson. I won’t belabor the point. I’m sure you understand what God was saying to me!

He is a wonderful teacher!
And He knows just how to get a point across to His foolish children!


See the rescue here:

Update #1: The Loon and the Lunatic is on now TV!

Update #2: The Full Story of “The Loon and the Lunatic”


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