Your ‘Western Correspondent’ Is Headin’ East…


I’m getting nervous out here on the West Coast. The wildfires are simply out of control. I know it’s hard for Midwesterners to fathom—seeing how you’ve been drowning in rain this past summer—but out west, it’s a different story.

There are currently over 100 wildfires ablaze. By the time you read this article, the whole western hemisphere could be burning, at the rate it’s going.

A four-year drought has brought us to a heart-breaking, record-breaking conclusion. Not only is there enough dry tinder to light the world on fire—there’s also very little water with which to fight it. Smoke fills the air. The sun looks redder than usual. Blood red, at times. It’s not a good omen.

A big harvest moon is normally a thing of beauty this time of year, but not lately! It’s just plain bloody. I hate to be glum, folks—but I don’t know how else to say it. We’re facing something ugly, here, and no amount of glint and glimmer can polish it.

Oh….by the way. Things aren’t much better in the economic and geopolitical arenas!

Right now, everybody is watching the unfolding of world events like a deer caught in the headlights. The Markets are spooked. The global economy is spinning out of control. The month of September looks meaner than a mad cat. And October seems…..

Well. It looks scarier than usual. And I’m not talking about Halloweenish stuff. The world seems to be a dangerous place nowadays.

Historically, this is the time of year when Markets often head south for the winter—and this year, it looks like they are REALLY heading south. I have to tell you, it ain’t pretty at all—not like a gaggle of geese winging Southward across the skyline.

Indeed. Autumn is the time of year for falling leaves and falling Stocks!…But these Stocks today aren’t grand and glorious like Nature’s fiery foliage. They’re ugly as the wildfires out west. And Folks…that’s ugly!

The only thing beautiful part of it is the spirit of resilience of the American people. When we are smitten, we rally together. We face devastation with grit and determination. We rise up with a pioneer spirit like our great grandparents had!

This month reminds me a lot of 9-11 for some reason. September 2001. What a month that was! The nation was decimated, yet everyone pulled together. We were unified like we had never been before. Forget politics! The Republicans were hugging the Democrats and vice versa. We were all Americans and we were all in this together. This was our Homeland and we were gonna fight for it!

Speaking of “Homeland”, folks—I’ll be there soon! My friends and family have been urging me onward. I get texts and emails urging me to flee the West Coast.

Nancy from the Missouri River Bluff wrote: “Wildfires! Earthquakes! Get yourself HOME, girl…!” My Prayer Partner, Cheryl, from Auburn says simply: ‘You’ll be back here, soon.” And I know that I will. Cheryl is always right.

My adventures on the West Coast have apparently come to an end. I’ve been a “Western Correspondent” long enough. It’s time for me to return to my roots…..and a little common sense, I reckon. If things are going to “crash and burn” like it appears….I’d rather be at Home—rather than on the West Coast.

The Old Home Place is looking mighty comforting nowadays. I’m packing up now even as we speak. So, if you soon see me chugging into town, full of grit and smoke—you’ll know it’s just an ol’ home gal returning to her senses. Just Crazy Vic who’s coming back from the “trenches”.

You don’t have to throw down a red carpet or even the Welcome mat—but you could leave me out a few dog-eared copies of “Your Country Neighbor….”

And while you’re at it—maybe set out a good stiff cup of Cornhuskin’ tea. That would be fine. Just fine.

Won’t be long now, folks.
I’ll be seeing you soon!

Vicki O'Neal


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