Of Boomers, Birthdays, and Blizzards….

IMG_4161I’m a Blizzard Baby-Boomer, and I’m right proud of it, too!
Now—you all know what a ‘Blizzard-Baby’ is. And you know what a ‘Baby-Boomer’ is. But how about a ‘Blizzard Baby-Boomer’? Well, I’ll tell you about ’em in a minute, folks.

First, I have to mention that I just celebrated my 53rd birthday—which sounds terribly old to most young folks today. But never mind that!

I still feel 18 years young, deep down inside….Full of fizz, pep and vinegar. Like many modern Baby-Boomers today, I’m doing what I never dreamed of doing at 18. I jog three miles without pausing to catch my breath. (When I was 18, I couldn’t jog three blocks…let alone three miles.)

As a Boomer, I know I’m running out of time. And I’ve got to run like the dickens to keep up!

There are a lot of Baby-Boomers running loose in our society today. Our children are all raised and we can go adventuring…to the forest…to the river…to the beach. We do a lot of gardening, camping and beachcombing. A lot of vacations. Cruises. Traveling.

I do some wandering, myself—meandering here and there. I wander to the West Coast and back several times a year. I play in the sand and I dig up plants for my garden. I stretch out in the sun. I dance in the rain; I dance beneath the stars. I do it all alone…since nobody else wants to do exactly what I want to do. And that’s OK….!

I chart my own course. I map my own destiny. I travel where I want without asking permission of anyone, but God.

I am a Boomer….and I must take full advantage of every moment. I breathe deeply. I live fully. I have to. I’m running out of time.

I’ve learned that you don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers, because they probably won’t. Instead—“you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,” as the little poem says.

You can plan your own birthday parties, too, which is exactly what I did this year. My dear friend, Lizabeth and I had an old-fashioned Slumber Party. Chocolate cake, ice cream, and the works!…And I didn’t even count the calories.

As Boomers, you’ve gotta do fun and crazy things, you know—because you haven’t much time left to do it.

You enjoy life to the fullest without regret and remorse. You forgive and let go. You don’t hide behind the white-picket fence of your shattered dreams. You get out there and live and learn and laugh and let ‘er rip! You don’t worry about what people think, because there’s no time for such foolishness.

So on your next birthday, dear Baby Boomer….have an especially sweet one. Make memories! Throw your own party. Eat lots of Chocolate Cake and don’t count the calories.

We are Boomers, so let’s go out with a Boom! Don’t whimper or whine. And whatever you do, don’t waste time. There isn’t much time left..so get out there and make the most of it.

You’ll be so glad you did…!

And now just one more thing, folks. At the beginning, I called myself a “Blizzard Baby-Boomer”. And you may be wondering about the “Blizzard” part in this article.

Well…A true Blizzard-Boomer is much more special than a typical Boomer. We were born out of “sheer desperation,” and it’s no wonder we are such a hardy breed. For you see, during the blizzards of January—when the power went out—our parents did what most bored folks do when the lights go out. And the results were….nine months later…Well. What do you know!? Millions of us Blizzard Baby- Boomers showed up!

And now you know why there are so many of us who have birthdays in the fall…! (I’m not kidding, either. It’s the truth!)

Be especially kind to all of the BBB’s around you this fall.

We are special folk, indeed…!

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