Scarier than Haunted Houses


In October, my kids love going to “Haunted Houses”…But not me! Life is scary enough as it is. I get all the chills, goosebumps, and panic attacks I need in my every-day-Life!

Recently, I took a vacation to the West Coast. I was walking down the Main Street of Eureka, California, when a man started screaming at me for no reason…roaring at the top of his lungs. He was high on drugs.

I avoided eye-contact with him and walked quickly to my car, then jumped inside and drove away. Scary. Really scary!

I drove to the rocky sea-coast to calm myself and to clear my head. I’d just found a beautiful spot to relax when suddenly another man showed up…An odd character to be sure. He apparently had a lot on his mind.

We struck up a conversation and he told me about his friend, Jessie, who had just been killed a couple of miles from here. Jessie had been deliberately shot in the face with an arrow from a crossbow. A homicide investigation was underway.

“Jessie was the greatest guy in the world!” he said. “But he’s dead now! His funeral is tomorrow.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “That’s really scary! This world has gone nuts…!”

“And it’s about to get worse!” he said. “We’re heading for trouble in America. Criminals are getting out of prison early because of overcrowding. Our borders are overrun by illegal aliens.”

His face was morose and brooding. He was like a volcano of bad news. Spewing. Venting. “Martial Law is coming!” he said. “Terrorism. A collapse of the dollar. A Stock Market Crash. Looting. Hunger. Anarchy! The signs of trouble are everywhere! ”

He was staring down the road where his friend had been shot in the face, just days ago. He obviously wasn’t a happy man.

I sidled away from this gloomy character as soon as I could and headed for the rocky ridge jutting into the sea. I climbed above the pounding surf and sat there staring at the overcast sky. No matter how gray the sky, or how dark the world situation, I refused to be gloomy today. I would enjoy my vacation and all the beauty around me. I would think Happy Thoughts!

I did so for several hours…but soon the sky grew darker and raindrops began to spatter down on me. The tide was coming in with a vengeance. It battered the cliffs, nearly obliterating the narrow pathway that led back to my car.

Here I was–stranded high on my perch–thinking “Happy Thoughts” while lightning speared the sky. What in the world was I doing?

Quickly, I skiddered down the side of the rocks and hid beneath a slight overhang. I teetered there for several minutes watching the waves rush in and out at my feet. Somehow, I had to make a run for it. I couldn’t stay here forever…But I was scared stiff. I might drown in the raging surf! Might die right here on this spot!

I thought of my kids. I wanted to call them on my Celly and tell them about my predicament…maybe even say Goodbye!…but then thought better of it. I must hurry. I had no time to lose!

I counted the waves, waiting for the seventh wave–the largest–to pass. When it receded, I slid down from my perch and ran like the dickens across the wet sand. The incoming surf licked at my heels hungrily–frothing and foaming with rabid fury.

I ran and ran, praying loudly, urging myself onward. Rain pelted my head, and the waves galloped toward me….But I prevailed against the watery death. The waves never flattened me against the cliff, nor sucked me out to sea.

Exhausted, I made it back to my car and slid down in the seat panting.

The rain had become a rushing madness by now…dumping from  the sky. I’d barely made it in time. I sat there staring out the windshield at the driving rain, while thanking God for my narrow escape. I assured Him that I wouldn’t be so foolish again….

But who am I kidding?

My kids might like Haunted Houses, but I love the rush of adventure and dangerous living! I’d survived yet another scrape with death and it was an exhilarating feeling. An adrenalin rush!….Much better than Haunted Houses!

Scariness is kind of fun, folks….IF you survive it. It makes your blood pump and keeps you young and vigorous. It makes you glad to be alive and keeps you from taking Life for granted!

Happy Haunting, everyone! Have an awesome Autumn….and a fantabulous Fall….!

And don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do…..Y’ hear?


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