Mommas, Mysteries, and Miracles….

As a Mom, I can count so many blessings on this Mother’s Day. I am grateful that my daughters are alive and well!  Not long ago, their lives were in jeopardy and I may have lost them both—except for divine intervention.

You may doubt that such inexplicable miracles could happen today, but I assure you that the following events really occurred.  As the old saying goes:  “Truth is stranger than fiction!”

A few months ago, I received an unusual phone call.  It was from my prayer-partner, Cheryl.  She is a spiritually gifted woman who lives in Auburn, Nebraska.  She has told me many things which have all come to pass.

Cheryl called me while I was in California and said:

“Prepare yourself!  You’re coming back to the Midwest.  I saw you in a vision, packing up your things.  Something is going to happen and you’ll know when it’s time to come back here.  But don’t worry.  Everything is in God’s hands.”

I could hardly believe what she was saying—but I knew that Cheryl has divine guidance, so I didn’t argue. I waited expectantly, prayerfully.

Just a few days later, a strange chain of events began.   A feeling of uneasiness and urgency swept over me at 10:30 in the evening.  I felt concern for my oldest daughter’s safety, and I tried to call her cell phone—to no avail.
The call went unanswered…but I prayed that she would be safe wherever she was.

Soon, I was received the phone call that every mother dreads:  “Your oldest daughter was in an accident.  She’s at the hospital and could be facing surgery!  Come as soon as you can!”I immediately began packing up to return to the Midwest, just as Cheryl had seen in the vision.Ironically, the time of my daughter’s accident had been at 10:30 pm—the very same moment that I’d felt the urgency to call her cell phone, and to pray for her safety.

My daughter later said that she could hear her cell phone ringing just moments after the accident, but she couldn’t answer it.  Her arm was badly broken and she was in a state of shock.

Although she couldn’t call 9-11, her Mama’s prayers were already on the way.  It was a remarkable occurrence, to be sure….But the mysterious circumstances didn’t end there.  Even stranger things were yet to come.
After I arrived back in the Midwest, I helped my oldest daughter for several weeks until she recovered from the accident.Then I asked my prayer-partner, Cheryl:  “What should I do now?”“Stay here in the Midwest,” she said without hesitation.  “The Lord wants you to stay here and get a job.  You will understand it all later.”

I did as Cheryl advised me.  It was only a few weeks later that an urgent feeling assailed me, once more.  I began to pray, not knowing what was about to happen—but knowing that I must pray…and pray hard!  The urgency I felt then was much stronger than what I’d felt before my first daughter’s accident.

Soon, my phone rang. “There’s been another accident. Your youngest daughter’s car was totaled.  It could have been fatal…but she walked away without a scratch.”I was dumbstruck.  Two daughters.  Two accidents.  Two miracles in two months.   Exactly two months to the day, in fact!

I called my youngest daughter to get the details about the latest wreck.

“It was raining and I was driving with my boyfriend, Ory,” said my daughter.  “The car hydroplaned and crossed the median, coming to a stop in the opposite lanes of traffic.  We knew we were about to be hit by the oncoming cars, but then Ory saw this great light radiating all around me and he felt no fear….”

“So, he took off his seatbelt and held me in his arms while we waited for the cars to hit us.  We felt such a deep sense of peace.  It was amazing, Mom!  A car hit us and totaled my vehicle, but we walked away without a scratch.”

I could only marvel at the miracle, and breathe a prayer of thanksgiving!  I am a very thankful Mama, indeed.  I have much more to be thankful for this year than most!

And now, my Country Neighbors… I wish all of you Moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day….especially my own Mama!  She has prayed many urgent prayers on my own behalf over the years.

I’m sure your own mother has done the same for you!  Without our Mothers’ prayers, we may not be alive, today.We should remember our Moms in a special way this year.They deserve to be pampered after all the anxiety and worry we’ve brought them during our lifetime…After all the tears they’ve shed and the prayers they’ve prayed.

Treat your Mom to an extra special Mother’s Day like she’s never known!
I must say goodbye, now, my friends.May God bless you all….And may you have the best Mother’s Day ever!

3 thoughts on “Mommas, Mysteries, and Miracles….

  1. I am so proud that I have a lot of the traits that my mother had…I was so lucky for 60 years to have her in my life, every day without fail, no matter what!!! happy mothers day to all of those wonderful women out there who shape their childrens lives…..and happy mothers day to you Vicki!


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