Legend of the Fall…


“I felt an earthquake,” my sister said on the phone a few weeks ago.  “A big, long quake!”

I knew what she meant.  My Sis lives in the Midwest, and she hadn’t felt a real earthquake.  It was one of her “premonition quakes.”  The tremors she feels before a large quake hits somewhere in the world.   These things always concern me, especially now that I’m living on the California coast—in a tsunami zone.

I tried not to think about it, but later in the week I began seeing a escalation of quakes in SoCal.  Not large quakes, just baby ones.  4.4 mags and 4.5’s.  Nothing to be too concerned about.  But they kept coming.

There were dozens of aftershocks, as well.   Or are they Fore-shocks?… I wondered.  Precursory warnings of what is to come?  Is the Big One on its way?

I sat down at my computer and began writing about this very subject on Facebook.  I was discussing the coming 9+ magnitude megaquake/ tsunami that scientists say will wipe out the U.S. West Coast….

It was at that moment, the room gave a jolt.  One single hard jolt.   I paused and looked out the window.  I was sitting smack-dab in the middle of a Tsunami Zone…And now the earth was jolting around me.  It wasn’t a comfortable feeling.

I hadn’t felt a quake for a long time.  It seems that the tectonic plates have locked-up during the last few years, and we seldom feel them any more.  But today was different. 

Apparently, something was breaking loose.   The swarm of quakes from SoCal was moving up to NorCal.

I clicked on the USGS website.  Sure enough!   A new red square had just appeared on the Coastal Map.  The quake was a 4.3 and had occurred in the Pacific Ocean,  just a few miles to the west of me.  There had been several other recent quakes in the same area—a classic spot to produce tsunamis.  At 500 miles per hour, the wave would hit me before I had time to sneeze.

Not a pleasant thought, to say the least.

It wasn’t long before, we had another quake and then another.  They were still small ones, by California standards…4.5 and lower.  But they were disconcerting, nonetheless.

I called my big Sis and told her news.  She immediately began giving me the what-for.   “What are you doing there on the West Coast!?”  she said.  “Do you want to die?”

“You’re going to get your own megaquake soon in the Midwest,” I said.  “Scientists say you’re overdue for the Big One on the New Madrid fault-line, there in Missouri.”

“But at least we won’t get a tsunam!”  she said as a parting shot.

True.  I hung up the phone and sighed.

It was the Tsunami that would make the West Coast quake so deadly.  Just like the megaquake/ tsunami in Japan, it will wash over entire cities—before we even knew what was happening.

As much as I love the Pacific, it was these kinds of things that made me wish for the stability of the Midwest.  The serene windmills and gentle hills.  The cornstalks marching across the fields in a no-nonsense manner.

Why couldn’t California be as sensible?

I shut off my computer and took the dog for a walk on the beach.  Staring out at the surf, I tried to picture the coming tsunami…to imagine a mounting wall of water that would come like a behemoth rising from the Sea.  I’d seen it many times before on the video clips from Japan, but it somehow seemed more real to me now as I stood gazing at the Pacific…Trying to judge its moods….its temperament.

When will it come?  At what point will the lovely Pacific turn into a raging maniac that exacts its vengeance upon us?   There is an old prophecy that was given to our church years ago.  It has become a fascinating Legend to one and all.

No one doubts that it will come to pass.

When the weather turns cool and our breath can be seen in the air, a megaquake and tsunami will visit the West Coast.  But before it comes, our people will be forewarned.  The warning will be as benign as the megaquake is monstrous.   A  5.5 quake will come during a time of Festivity —probably during the Fall Harvest Season—and it will alert us to the coming disaster that is just ahead.

It is then that we will make our exodus eastward—away from the Coast.  We will only have 1-3 days to escape…And then the monster will come.

It will descend upon the cities of the West Coast like a mighty creature from the Sea…overwhelming everything in its path.  Shaking and tearing and rending and grinding everything in its teeth.   And when at last it has spent itself, the earth will grow still.  And the people will wail.  And America will no longer be the same.

It is the “Legend of the Fall”…The fall of America.

Is it a fact?  Is it folklore?  We shall see…Someday, we shall see.

The Good Book foretells of a great Megaquake that will shake the entire earth.  (Revelations 6:12-17)   So, it doesn’t hurt to prepare, folks—wherever you are.  In these days of chaos and uncertainty, we might do well to heed these words of the Bible….

“When you see these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads—your redemption is drawing near…!”


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