2012 and Beyond…


I hate to mention it, but this world is in a bit of a mess.  And the year has only begun.

I wish the Old-timers were here right now to chat with us about it.  We need to sit down with these old “survivors,” and figure out what we’re doing wrong to cause such havoc on Planet Earth!  Seems like crises are building all around us.  Strange things are happening everywhere.

Now, folks.  We know all this hype about 2012 is just that.  Hype.

We know that the movie “2012” is ridiculous.  We know it’s simply not possible for ancient Mayans to predict what is coming, today.  Besides, when we study it out, we realize that the Mayans weren’t predicting the “End of the World” at all.

They were actually predicting a New Beginning.  A turnover on the world-calendar of events.  New leadership.  New outlook.  New everything.  Isn’t that wonderful?

According to the Mayans,  a “god” is about to rise on the world scene—a Messiah of sorts—bringing great change to the planet.

After the catastrophes of 2011, we need some change…that’s for sure!

In 2011, we had melting icebergs.  Record flooding.  Power outages.  Droughts.  Heatwaves.  Crop-failures.  “Mass-animal-deaths”…magnetic shifts and anomalies.  Strange quakes and tornadoes across the nation and around the world.

It cost America thousands of lives and billions of dollars.  Seems that the U.S. was under full-scale attack by Mother Nature.  Swarms of tornadoes, like killer-bees attacked our heartland.

Sounds almost biblical, huh?  Like the plagues are being released.  Like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have begun to ride.  Like a great One-World leader needs to arise and take charge—so as to bring peace and stability to our raging planet!

I hate to say this, folks…but Scientists claim these are all warning signs, and that it could get a lot worse.  One of the weirdest signs, today, is the lack of moderate quakes in certain places.  The West Coast’s tectonic plates are locked and the pressure is building day by day.

Mm-hmm.   The “Big Ones” are coming, the experts say.  Coming to both the West Coast and to Mid-America.  They are way overdue—according to Scientists (and the ancient warnings in the Bible).

They say that megaquakes will disrupt commerce.  Divide the nation.  Cause massive death and social unrest.  And destroy what is left of America’s fragile infrastructure and economy—

Yada…Yada.  Don’t we get tired of it…?  Oh Yes. We are tired of it.

But what if it’s about to happen?  That’s why we need to chat with our Old-timer friends.  How do we prepare for such a mess?   Especially when it’s already happening?

Economic guru’s are screaming at us.  They say we’re in the midst of a “melt-down” around the world.  Greece.  Spain.  Italy.   Lots of other countries overseas have already begun to domino downward.  The Euro is tanking.   Warnings of stock-market crashes.  Bank runs.  Collapsing corporations.  Both hyper-inflation and deflation.  Maybe even a depression.  The global economy is hurting.  A lot of ugly stuff going on.

It’s like Brian Williams says on NBC:  “The world has no money…And the Emperor has no clothes!”

To make matters worse, experts warn us to prepare for bio-terrorism and epidemics.  War.  Racial conflicts.  Food and fuel shortages.  Nationwide rioting.  Do these people know what they’re talking about?

I sure hope not.  It wouldn’t be so cool.

Ah.  But, there is a silver-lining to these things.   We could always look at the positive side, my country neighbors.

Just think of it this way.  In 2012, we won’t have to worry about the 15 extra pounds we put on during the holidays.  They would melt away like magic when the store shelves are empty.

We won’t worry about paying off our massive credit card bills that we ran up at Christmas, because the banks will be out of business.  The doors locked.  Windows barred.   We won’t worry about the sky-rocketing gas prices, because there won’t be any gas to be pumped.

We won’t worry about the endless stress of our jobs—because there won’t be any jobs to be had.  We’ll have one long vacation.  Retirement, even.   Just what we’ve all been longing for!

See?  There’s always a cheery side to the infamous year of 2012.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, folks—I’ve got to get me some of that leftover eggnog.  Maybe get myself a handful of Snickerdoodles…

I’ve worked up myself an appetite, and you know what?  I’m not worrying about that extra 15 pounds.

Not now.

Looks like I’m gonna need it….!

2 thoughts on “2012 and Beyond…

    • Thank you, BJ… Love ya, too. Thanks for reading my stuff. You need to visit the Funny Farm sometimes. Maybe Granny will make you a pie. lol. (Not rhubarb. We have NO rhubarb!)
      Lord bless!


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