Storm Clouds on the Horizon

We’re in serious trouble, folks.  There are dark clouds building on our horizon.

We’ve become desensitized to the news of collapsing banks and businesses and foreclosures.  We aren’t tuned in to the traumatic events going on in America and around the world.  We’ve heard people cry “Wolf!…wolf!” for so long, we aren’t aware when it’s time to go into a full-blown alert.

Like Brian Williams says on NBC….”The world has no money, and the Emperor has no clothes!”
We’ve seen hundreds of banks going belly-up in the last few years—81 of them in this year, alone.  People are losing their cars and houses and businesses. Their pensions and investments…Their jobs—even their minds.

Countries around the world are heading into bankruptcy at an alarming rate…Nations like Greece, Hungary and perhaps even Spain and Portugal.  We’ve got trouble with our US dollar and our national debt.

“The Emperor has no clothes…”   Indeed!

To make matter worse, there are plumes of oil spewing into the Gulf.  The earth is hemorrhaging at a tremendous rate, and no one knows how to stop it.  Coastal wetlands and marshes are turning into tar pits, as sea creatures wallow in misery—dying a slow death.

The seafood and coastal-tourism industries are going under.  Gulf fishing vessels sit stranded.  Restaurants, resorts and hotel rooms sit empty while the white beaches turn black with globs of oil.  People are becoming sick from the fumes flowing in from the Gulf coast—yet there seems to be a black-out on the news.  There are rumors of mass evacuations.  No one knows what to believe.

Economically, the oil spill is like a visit from Lady Katrina all over again…but a hundred  times worse.

The catastrophe taking place in the Gulf is just a foretaste of what is coming….That’s what experts are saying. The oil could be caught up in the currents, taking it around Florida and up the east coast.  From there it could spread into open waters, and perhaps around the entire globe—killing off sea life and making the oceans toxic, as the Bible has predicted.

Experts say, even if the gushing oil could be stopped today, the effects of this spill will last for decades—especially when hurricane season arrives and the oil begins slamming against America’s shores.

The US is in trouble.  The world is in trouble—in more ways than one.

Are we surprised?  No.  Not if we’ve been reading from the Good Book.  The Bible predicted all of this trauma many centuries ago.  We’re seeing the handwriting on the wall, my Country Neighbor—and it is grim.

What are we going to do about it?  Well…We’re going to prepare…that’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to hunker down and get ready for the trouble that’s just ahead.  We can’t afford to wait until a full-blownpanic sets in.

We’ve got to think like the elders who have gone on before us…Like our staunch forefathers—the pioneers in the old days.  We’ve got to get ready for the storm that’s looming on the horizon.  When our ancestors saw storm clouds rising in the distance, they didn’t go about their business as usual.

They circled the wagons.  They gathered the cattle into the barns…the chickens into the hen-house.  They closed up the shutters and fastened down every loose object.  They prepared on every front.  We’ve got to do the same if we’re going to survive.

The elders of our nation have seen the Great Depression and all that it entailed.  They remember well the days of hunger and sacrifice.  They know what we all need to do.

How about going to one of these patriarchs…these old timers who live near you.  The Frieda Burstens of this world.  The Joe Smiths.  The farmers…the gardeners…the aging housewives.  You’ll find them at their breakfast tables with their hands folded in prayer… with a Bible sitting nearby.

Our elders will tell us what is just ahead.  They’ll tell us the lessons from the olden days that can help us through the storms ahead.

Folks…We can’t be ashamed to say it.  We need help and we need it now…..

So help us God…!

‘Til next time, my Country Neighbors.

Love to you all…

Vicki O'Neal


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