All Twitterpated…

Chocolates and roses. Swirling emotions… “I-love-you’s” and kisses in the moonlight.

The moments are so fleeting….Those breathtaking moments that we ladies look for all of our lives.

We want a Prince who never turns into a grumpy frog. A fairy-godmother who can give us a dazzling life with the wave of her wand. Castles and coaches. Heart-stopping romance. Climatic, star-bursting moments when time stands still—suspended in space while the galaxies spin on and on.

Ah yes. That’s what we all want. But those sparkling moments are just fragments of our lives—if they exist at all. As brief as a sneeze….and just about as productive.

With longing, we look back on the days when we first fell in love. Dizzy-Tizzy Twitterpation. The thrill of discovery.

Will we ever feel it again?

Everyone’s desperate for romance—especially around Valentine’s Day. The world is all a Twitter with it. On-line dating. Chat rooms. Cyber-flirting. Text-messaging. E-harmony. But the harder one looks, the harder it is to find. True romance seems so evasive.

In our modern world, a strange paradox exists. We can chat on a cell phone with our beloved at any moment, day or night…whether he’s halfway across the globe—or just in the alley, taking out the garbage. It should be romantic, I suppose, but it’s actually a romance-killer. I mean—how romantic is it to phone a man while he’s sitting on the commode, or shopping at the drug store for a new jock strap?

The mystery is gone. The breathless wonder. We are left with feelings of discontentment.

Everybody else seems to have a better love-life than ours. Our grass is never as green as the neighbors’. Ever. Single folks envy the married. And married folks envy the single. And divorced people fall somewhere in between. Nobody’s happy with their own situation. The grass is definitely better in somebody else’s yard.

Well, folks. Why don’t we just try mowing the grass in our own yard? Try to be satisfied with the few sprouts that we’ve got on our side of the fence… Fertilize it a bit. Turn on the sprinklers…And see what happens! Whether we’re married or single. Divorced or widowed. Engaged or heart-broken. Life is what you make it.

Romance is finding pleasure in the small things, you know. Sipping cappuccino beneath the palm trees at the food court in the mall. Shopping at Victoria’s Secret, just for the heck of it. Going for a walk down a country lane in the twilight…listening to the restless wind in the oaks. Breathing deeply of the fresh air. Watching the moon rise in the east.

Create your own ‘romance’ if you have to. Whip it up from scratch! A little of this…A little of that. Sweeten it with a bit of — Well. I don’t know. Be creative.

When no one brings you roses, plant your own flowers and cultivate your own soul. Keep busy caring for yourself and others—and eventually, true love will find you. And if it doesn’t….at least you’ve had fun tryin’….

On this Valentine’s Day, instead of sulking and wishing it would go away—try doing something new—even if it’s all by yourself. Indulge yourself . Buy your own chocolates…your own roses…your own teddy. A sweet burning candle. A bubble bath. Baby yourself! Twirl in the moonlight to the sound of your favorite music.

When others see that you’re having so much fun, they’ll want to join you. Then you won’t be alone any more.

Remember…. None of us lives the life of Cinderella. Everybody has down-times. It’s up to us to change what we can…whether we’re married or single. Whether we’re married to Archie Bunker, or Brad Pitt. Whether we look like Edith Bunker or Miss America. We are all the purveyors of our own destiny.

Now…get on out there, folks. Get twitterpated about life!

And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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